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Open Borders to Israel

A large part of the ministry and work of HaYovel revolves around international travel and people from around the world being able to come and visit, volunteer, and connect with God’s land and people. All of that has been on pause for the last year and a half. Restrictions being enforced by Israel’s government make it extremely difficult for any non-citizens to enter the country, and that’s even for people who are vaccinated. Entry for anyone without the vaccination is being instantly denied at the present time.

Pray that these restrictions will be lifted and that believers from around the world can once again come to Israel.


Reaching the World

As we share the good news about the restoration of Israel across the globe through digital outreach, please pray that hearts will be open to hear this message. Pray that people even in the farthest corners of the earth will turn their eyes and hearts towards Jerusalem and engage with what God is doing in the Land of Israel today. We would treasure your prayers for us as we seek to share the truth about Zion, and equip people to become ambassadors to the world.

An Undivided Heartland

As nations around the world are pressuring Israel to give up the heartland of Judea and Samaria and create a Palestinian state, let us pray into the good promises of God’s word where He says the land will NOT be divided but will be an inheritance for His people forever. Pray that God will work through the current government administration in Israel and the current world events to bring about His plan for Israel.

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Once Upon a Time

Drew grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Caroline grew up on the Virginia oceanside. We met each other halfway around the world on the mountains of Israel. Neither of us had any idea the story that God was about to unfold . . .